How does condo assocation owners remove the assocation's trustee?

Answer You can find the how-to guide in your governing documents.Usually, it takes a large percentage of owners -- more than 50% and sometimes 67% or more -- to remove a director or a board member by a vo... Read More »

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How does a condo association report owners delinquent in paying their condo fees?

The association wants to do more than report owners delinquent. The association wants to collect the debt. Check your governing documents to discover whether or not your assessments are automatica... Read More »

Condo owner has not paid assocations fee's for six months can we file a property lien?

The powers of the Condominium Association regarding a default on condo fees should be set forth in the Master Deed, Rules and Regulations and Declaration of Trust if there is one. The procedure for... Read More »

Is there a charter of duties for the condo assocation?

Yes. The charter of duties for the association is available in the governing documents -- the Covenants, Conditions, Regulations and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and the By-Laws of the association.New boar... Read More »

Does the board of a gated community have the right to tell the condo owners they cannot park in the extra parking spaces even though they OWN the condo and PAY to live there?

Your question sounds like you feel entitled to whatever you want in the gated community, regardless of what's included in the governing documents about what you own and what you own with everyone. ... Read More »