How does condo assocation owners remove the assocation's trustee?

Answer You can find the how-to guide in your governing documents.Usually, it takes a large percentage of owners -- more than 50% and sometimes 67% or more -- to remove a director or a board member by a vo... Read More »

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Condo owner has not paid assocations fee's for six months can we file a property lien?

The powers of the Condominium Association regarding a default on condo fees should be set forth in the Master Deed, Rules and Regulations and Declaration of Trust if there is one. The procedure for... Read More »

Is there a charter of duties for the condo assocation?

Yes. The charter of duties for the association is available in the governing documents -- the Covenants, Conditions, Regulations and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and the By-Laws of the association.New boar... Read More »

How could you get a lien if you were the treasurer for a condo assocation and you did not live in it but paid the expenses personally then never received repayment-State of Mass.?

Take your evidence or proof of your expenses to an condominium-savvy attorney. As well, show the attorney the governing documents for the association, and the paper trail covering your expenditures... Read More »

In California do condo owners have the right to review condo bills and financial statements monthly?

The only answer to your question is to review your governing documents. You should be able to find your answer in the sections that discuss finances.As well, you may want to review the California C... Read More »