How does competition maximize consumer welfare?

Answer Competition is a fact of life for most industries. In response to stiff competition, businesses learn to retain customers through constant product, service and process improvements. Consumers benef... Read More »

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How does child welfare work?

Answer Child welfare means (the well being of a child) The question is too broad. Has the child been beaten up? neglected? verbally abused? or any other things done that do not appear normal? call ... Read More »

Can a participant in a game show be called a consumer under the consumer protection act of India bearing in mind the decision laid down in society of catalysts v. star plus?

Does the welfare of animals during rearing affect the taste of the meat?

I would say yes. The welfare of the animal, what it eats during it's life and the way it is slaughtered will affect the taste of the meat. I will only buy my meat from a local organic butcher - ... Read More »

Does anyone have any ideas for how to design a boiled egg for an easter egg designing competition?

You might look to some different manicure techniques? Fingernail polish for really intense color and shine, with different doodahs on them. I have seen all kind of different blending and stenciling... Read More »