How does coke affect plant growth?

Answer Coke affects plant growth by nothing Plant actually grows i tried this at home and it worked the plant grew 3 inches pretty cool huh now its ur turn to see how much ur plant grows

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How does coke affect how a plant grows?

== Answer == It keeps the plant up all night doing grout work in the bathroom... Or just cleaning things that aren't dirty, but I think that; The phosphoric acid provides phosphorus which all pl... Read More »

Does oil affect plant growth?

oil will prevent proper growth of the root system which will stop plant growth and may even kill it. It will also poison the plant. As well as contaminating the plant by adding harmful chemicals th... Read More »

Does tea affect plant growth?

Tea has an acidifying effect on the plant's soil, so the effect will vary according to the pH that an individual plant prefers. I did an experiment on it but with radish seeds and it had the best ... Read More »

How does clay affect plant growth?

Clay does help to hold in moisture, so in theory, this should give the roots of plants more water to soak up, leading to plant growth However, clay can be difficult for roots to push through. Also... Read More »