How does coffee effect plant growth?

Answer Coffee has certain proteins that increase the plant growth : )

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What is the effect of black coffee on plant growth?

ANSWER:Black coffee and even the coffee grounds can be added to the soil to increase the Ph of the soil. Certain plants will grow sluggishly in low pH. One of these is the Azalea. They like high pH... Read More »

How does sun effect plant growth?

AnswerOn an episode of the mythbusters they showed that death metal increased plant growth size opposed to the plants that had no music and the ones that listened to classical music. Because the so... Read More »

The Effect of Magnets on Plant Growth?

The positive effect of magnetism on plant, animal and human life has been studied since the discovery of magnetism in the 16th century. It wasn't until the 19th century, however, that Louis Pasteur... Read More »

How do different soils effect plant growth?

A loam soil that has lots of organic nutrients and good air flow will make the plant grow faster.As with a clay type soil that stays wet, doesn't have much nutrition value and very little air flow ... Read More »