How does client politics affect foreign policy?

Answer it affects it by giving congress an oppurtunity to seek out an expansion of its power over foreign affairs.

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What is client politics and how does it affect foreign policy?

How did the politics of the presidents in the 1970s and 1980s affect the foreign policy of the US?

Several countries in Eastern Europe fell under communist rule, as did China, North Korea, and North Vietnam.

Is arms control economic reform and global politics part of the US foreign policy?

Yes indeed it has always been Americas policy, of arms control, economic reformsand global politics is part of American foreign policy.

What sort of policy leads to majoritarian politics during the debate over policy formulation and policy adoption?

The answer varies based on location. In some places it may be allowed, but not in others. You would need to check the laws in your area. It IS possible to adopt an adult... but in order to adopt so... Read More »