How does chlamydia kill your baby?

Answer Chlamydia in an infant can develop into infections in the genitals, lungs, ears, and eyes; which if not treated, will likely cause death.

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Could taking medicine for chlamydia affect your baby?

There are safe, effective treatments for chlamydia during pregnancy. Zithromax is the most commonly-used option, but others exist for women who can't take azithromycin. If you're concerned speak wi... Read More »

Will drinking a lot of alcohol kill a your baby if your 5 weeks pregnant?

Can alcohol kill your baby?

Answer Alcohol abuse when pregnant can result in FAS, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Some of the results of FAS are, growth deficiency, bone deformities, damage to the central nervous system, heart defect... Read More »

Can apri kill your unborn baby?

No, it changes the uterus lining so it's harder for the egg to get attached but since you are already wont make you abort.