How does child labor affect children's education?

Answer yes

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How does child labor affect families?

It affects the whole family because the child's health begans to fail. The child could die, but it usually depends on how hard the work is,but parents would want to be concerned,for a child's healt... Read More »

How were children affect by industrialization in child labor?

They worked for about 15 hours each day, only had about an hour of lunch break (they ate their supper while working at the same time), they were beaten if they were caught taking any extra breaks, ... Read More »

Does the law of one price affect capital labor?

The law of one price is the economic principle that identical goods sell for the same price worldwide if international trade is free and without natural barriers, such as transportation costs, acco... Read More »

Name Two factors that affect labor supply?

Read the text book = Principles of Economics