How does chewing gum help the body?

Answer Gum-chewers, rejoice. Experts now agree that chewing gum is beneficial to health in several ways.It can build your self-esteem, enhance your smile, lessen your stress, take off pounds and even bala... Read More »

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How long does chewing gum stay in your body?

Contrary to urban legend, gum only stays in your body as long as it takes to pass through your digestive tract. For an adult, this takes roughly between 24 and 72 hours.Source:Mayo Clinic: Digestio... Read More »

Does chewing gum if swallowed get stuck in side your body?

The short answer is no. Gum cannot be digested and will pass through your digestive system in about 24 hours. There is really no where for it to get stuck.

Does gum chewing help you concentrate?

According to a study conducted at the University of Northumbria in the United Kingdom (as reported in a December 4, 2007 article in The Temple News Online), chewing gum can actually increase a pers... Read More »

Does chewing gum help to equalize the ears?

When you are experiencing ear-popping pressure or pain in your ears, chewing gum may help equalize your ears and maintain the pressure in your middle ear. When you chew and swallow, the muscles aro... Read More »