How does chewing gum affect the temperature of your mouth?

Answer Chewing gum does not have a significant effect on the mouth's temperature, according to a 2001 American Red Cross Blood Services study published in the journal Transfusion. The study done on prospe... Read More »

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Science Projects on Chewing Gum and Mouth Temperature?

A science project that involves chewing gum and mouth temperature could focus on either how chewing gum affects mouth temperature or how mouth temperature affects chewing gum. When you are measurin... Read More »

Does the health of your mouth affect your health overall?

Yes it has been Proved that it can affect your Heart if you have bad Rotten Teeth ,you can eventually end up with Heart Trouble. So at the very Least Clean your Teeth a couple of Times a Day.

How does temperature affect the viscosity of oil?

Selecting the right oil viscosity can help you get the most out of your motor vehicle. Different environments and driving conditions may require different grades of oil.GradesViscosity refers to co... Read More »

Does temperature affect the elasticity of rubberbands?

Temperature can affect the elasticity of a rubber band. A warmer band is harder to stretch, because the higher temperatures cause disorganization in the molecules. A colder rubber band is easier to... Read More »