Does this link or site even work?

Answer No it doesn't work. I copied and pasted it into a google search and the only result i got was this question.

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Does AVG computer virus scanner even work?

I haven`t had any problem with AVG and I`ve had it installed for 3 years...I`d be very interested to know your experience

Does It Offend You, That I Work Even Though I Really Don't Have Too?

not unless it bothers you that i get to stay home with my kids and see their every moment, their first steps, first words, first "i love you", first everything, while you pay some nanny or day car... Read More »

Why is the iphone not even an hd phone it does not even have 720p screen. why is that will it ever?

It is so small and watched far away enough so that it would not matter.

My keyboard won't work on my desktop, even other keyboards won't work at all, what's the deal?

Two things.1) The USB socket could be broken - use a different socket.2) Has to start from a cold boot. Fully shut down to recognize a keyboard at start-up. Many desktops are not "hot pluggable" fo... Read More »