How does cation exchange capacity affect soil fertiliy?

Answer Answer The cation exchange capacity (CEC) shows how well a soil can hold onto and store cations, so a soil with a high CEC would be able to hold more nutrients. A soil with low CEC for example woul... Read More »

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Soil Bearing Capacity Science Projects?

Science projects are a great way to help students connect the material that they learn in science class to topics relevant to real life, potentially increasing student interest in the subject and t... Read More »

Does the pH of soil affect bacteria?

The pH level affects what type of bacteria are present in a certain soil. Like all living organisms, bacteria can only survive within an environment of a specific pH spectrum. How broad or narrow t... Read More »

How Oil Spills Affect the Soil?

Oil spills can have several detrimental effects on soil. Soil contaminated with oil has characteristics that render it less useful to human beings in most cases. Does ... Read More »

How do living organisms affect soil?

by burrowing and moving soil particles and eroding it.