How does carpal tunnel syndrome happen?

Answer There can be many causes as you can research from the link below from diabetes, obesity, pregnancy... to overuseage. But the end result is about the same: there is pressure or compression on the me... Read More »

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Do I have carpal tunnel syndrome?

You can't be diagnosed over the internet. The symptoms you're describing are most likely a result of your activity and are originating in the neck (brachial plexus) and continuing into the forearm... Read More »

Carpal tunnel syndrome?

Rest to the wrist in a splint will reduce pain. But, because you are a typist, I think you will get the pain back once the splint is removed. You may have to undergo a small surgery for a permanent... Read More »

I think I might have Carpal tunnel syndrome Help?

You did not state your age, which is helpful in diagnosing symptoms. You also were not specific in your description of your symptoms. You said your fingers started to throb, but did not specify w... Read More »

Serious question about 'carpal tunnel syndrome'?

OH....Come on...not even one masturbation joke....???and Yes, those are symptoms of CTS.....The wrist and fingers are all interconnected therefore the tingly fingers are a symptom.Peace.