How does bullying impact on a students life at school?

Answer well like for example well if a kid gets bullied to bad get 1. cause children to fake begin sick . Or beg you not send them to school . 2. or they scared about the bully pickin on them. so they jus... Read More »

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The Effects of Bullying in Secondary School Students?

Bullying is a common occurrence in school: the American Academy of Child and Adult Psychiatry (AACAP) states that about half of all students are bullied during their academic careers while the Stop... Read More »

The Impact of Extracurricular Activities on Middle School Students?

Extracurricular activities are those activities that students participate in after school or outside of classroom instruction. Though they are, by definition, an "added" or "extra" feature of schoo... Read More »

Does cancer have an impact on people’s sex life If so, how?

I have not read the other answers. Before I answer I would like to say that we had 5.5 years together without sex and it caused no problem between us,My husband died with complications from Multip... Read More »

Impact of Bankruptcy on Personal Life?

There's been a great deal written about the negative credit rating that affects bankruptcy declarants for years afterward. What's discussed less often is the very real and sometimes crippling emoti... Read More »