How does broadband affect internet usage?

Answer The leap from dial-up Internet to high-speed broadband connections has caused many changes in surfing and general online activities, from staying connected to broadening our experiences.Always-On C... Read More »

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How does frequent usage of headphones affect your ear?

you can tell its a speaker if its a box or shell, and one end has a grate or mesh covering, there will be a wire coming out of the side opposite to the grill. this wire needs to be plugged into you... Read More »

Does sound player on galaxy note 2 affect data usage?

How do I track my BT Broadband usage?

Hi, as far as I remeber you log on to BT to view your account. theres a link there to view your monthly usage, and how much you've used so far.If you can't find it just send them a quick email in t... Read More »

How does Internet usage on phone get used?

The more pages you view the data you use. If you stay on 1 page, it wont use data.