How does brake wear occur?

Answer Automobile brakes are important in ensuring people's safety. While you may think that your car's brakes are fine, there are internal and external factors which can cause it to wear unknowingly. The... Read More »

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Does a parking brake save wear on discs?

On One Hand: Parking Brakes Could Save Disc WearThe parking brake activates the rear brakes of the car. If the rear brakes are drum brakes it applies pressure on the rear drum rather than on the fr... Read More »

Why do eye diseases mostly occur in people who wear strong glasses or corrections for many years?

A lot of those conditions are more prone to the elderly, sometimes people with high negative prescriptions (myopes) are more prone to retinal detachments because their eye is more in the shape of a... Read More »

How to Check Car Brake Wear?

Ignoring brake problems can become a costly endeavor. Every vehicle will need routine brake jobs, performed at semi-standard intervals depending on how and where the vehicle is driven. If you blow ... Read More »

How to Check Brake Wear?

Modern automotive brake systems are effective and reliable. The brakes work by generating friction, and the various parts involved will wear out over time. Brake pads and shoes wear out regularly, ... Read More »