How does book distribution work?

Answer Book distribution is a critical part of the post-publication process; without distribution, sales of the book cannot happen. Depending on the publishing company, distribution can occur in a number ... Read More »

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What Linux distribution can install and work on a ten yr old PIII 450 with 8gb hard drive and 128 mb of ram?

I've been running Ubuntu on a PIII with 64 mb ram and 4 GB hard drive, no problems. It doesn't run Compiz or the eye candy stuff, but it's functional.There's also a Ubuntu distro, Xubuntu that uses... Read More »

Does the IRS get notified of an IRA distribution?

Yes, your brokerage submits form 1099-R to the IRS, which details any IRA distributions that have been made out of your account. You will also be receiving a copy of the 1099-R in your mail during ... Read More »

How Does Technology Affect Food Distribution?

Technology has enhanced food distribution. More foods can make it to more places now than they once could. Before technology we could only eat what was grown locally, but that is no longer the case... Read More »

How many distribution centers does Kroger have?

Kroger, a large U.S. grocery chain, operates 17 distribution centers across the United States. Kroger has distribution centers in California, Ohio, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Kansas, Oregon,... Read More »