How does book distribution work?

Answer Book distribution is a critical part of the post-publication process; without distribution, sales of the book cannot happen. Depending on the publishing company, distribution can occur in a number ... Read More »

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What Linux distribution can install and work on a ten yr old PIII 450 with 8gb hard drive and 128 mb of ram?

I've been running Ubuntu on a PIII with 64 mb ram and 4 GB hard drive, no problems. It doesn't run Compiz or the eye candy stuff, but it's functional.There's also a Ubuntu distro, Xubuntu that uses... Read More »

What work is a Latin book on Scholasticism?

I am an O.A.P. just starting , where can i get a book to show me how to work it all?

you don't really need a book that will confuse you you are better of with trial and error.

My free book light will only work if I am wearing my Snuggie?

They made it like that--they want you and everyone else in the world to wear the Snuggie....its a conspiracy really. I started wearing the Snuggie too and now my computer wont work unless I have th... Read More »