How does block mode give faster access to a hard drive&how can it be disabled?

Answer Block mode is a method of managing transfers from your hard drive more efficiently. Although it was a great help with MS-DOS and Windows 95 and 98, it is unnecessary on computers running more rece... Read More »

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Does Changing DSL Providers Give a Faster Connection?

DSL is a high-speed Internet connection frequently offered by companies that also offer phone service. DSL connection speeds vary from 756 kbps to 6 mbps. DSL is cheaper than using a cable connecti... Read More »

Does a portable or external hard drive make a computer faster?

no. your system's speed has nothing to do with your hard drives either internal or external. it still depends on your processor, motherboard, amount of ram, graphics card and everything else that... Read More »

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Does hard drive access speed affect a servers performance?

Sure it does. You can't serve the data to the clients until you get it off the drive.