How does bleach in tap water effect the growth of bean plants?

Answer the plants would turn white, in result of the chlorifyll in the leaves to "bleached". The plant would then soon wilt and die, because bleach does not have the right nutrients to sustain the life of... Read More »

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Does the pH of the water affect the growth of bean plants?

The pH of water does indeed affect the growth of bean plants because the pH of the water affects the pH of the soil. Bean plants prefer a pH between 5.5 and 6.8.Source:Texas A & M Agrilife Extensi... Read More »

How Does Compost Effect Bean Growth?

Beans do not need a lot of nutrition and thrive on available organic matter. Beans add nitrogen to the soil, so high nitrogen fertilizers will actually cause harm. According to the Illinois Univers... Read More »

How does salt effect bean sprout growth?

it really depends on how much salt is used ... but the salt actually stuns it's growth .. and if too much salt is put on the plant it will die very quick

Does Color Light Affects the Growth of Bean Plants?

To farmers, like those raising various bean plant species, the question of the quality of light their plants receive is of vital importance. Plants of any species that don't receive enough light of... Read More »