How does bleach affect plants?

Answer Yes. Bleach contains phosphates and nitrates. Even though phosphates are needed by the plants, access phosphates is not good for them. and thats how bleach affects plants.

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How does bleach water affect plants?

bleach water or whatever effects the plants because there are certain chemicals that can kill plants very easily and the chemicals that re in bleach is one of them.

Does bleach affect plant growth?

Yes, bleach does affect plant growth. I know this because I saw it in a show.

How long does bleach poisoning take to affect?

I was Poisoned at about 12 A.M. one night by showering in a shower that was being cleaned with bleach and I felt the affects as soon as I woke up the next morning. I woke with a sore throat and I f... Read More »

What is the effect of bleach on plants?