How does birth work?

Answer guy gets girl pregnant 9 months later a baby pops out

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When does birth control not work?

Modern birth control, though fairly reliable, does fail on occasion. According to, much of this failure can be attributed to improper use. The best way to avoid a failure is through ... Read More »

How does the birth control pill work?

Using synthetic hormones, the birth control pill takes over your reproductive system and directs it to work in a new way. These new processes prevent you from getting pregnant.TypesThere are two ty... Read More »

How does birth order work in adoption?

Hi Gaia,I've heard of birth order in adoption and assumed it was to preserve the birth place of children the adoptive family may already have. I haven't thought of it as a way of preserving what ... Read More »

Does it take 7 days for birth control to work?

There are two methods of beginning a birth control pill regimen. One way is to start the pack on the first day of your menstrual cycle. In this case, you are protected from pregnancy immediately. T... Read More »