How does binary code work?

Answer The 1 is represented as a high-voltage signal, and the 0 is represented as a low-voltage signal. For example, 1 might be 5 V, and 0 could be 3 V. The CPU is completely inanimate; it doesn't "reco... Read More »

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Why do computers only work in binary code?

it's all because of a little thing called Occam's Razor. To make it as simple as possible but yet allow the job to get done as efficiently as possible, reliably. thats what it boils down too. the ... Read More »

I need help with this binary code.?

110.1 (base 10) = 1101110.00011001100110011 (base 2)sign bit = 1 (since -110.1 is a negative number)exponent = 10000101 (this is the actual exponent of 6, plus a bias of 127, with the sum 133 in 8 ... Read More »

What is binary code, and who can give me a good explanation?

binary code is the basis of this computer ****. It is 0 and 1 used in a line to give a command to the computer. Each character you type is translated into a binary code so it could be keyed on th... Read More »

What overall form is the bach polonaise in G minor supposed to be in Binary, rounded binary or ternary?

Do you mean this one?…I would say binary.Or do you mean this one?…In this one, we are in grey area.The last half ... Read More »