How does being a vegetarian affect pregnancy?

Answer It doesn't. I'm a vegetarian and my pregnancy has been going great! I eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and for added protein in addition to the proteins I already eat, I drink ensure once a ... Read More »

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If I become a vegetarian will I loose weight (Also information about being a vegetarian)?

Some people lose weight on a vegetarian diet, and others don't. It's about the choices you make for a healthy lifestyle, combined with whether your body likes a vegetarian lifestyle.Many vegetarian... Read More »

Are you vegetarian by choice if so do you think being a vegetarian good and why?

Why does being a vegetarian make you gain weight?

If u eat too many carbs it will be converted into fat by the body, that is very true. The catch is to eat low fat foods and veggies that are not hi carb or mix. Eat salad with little or no dressing... Read More »

Does being vegetarian stop your growth?

Like most people, your dad doesn't know anything about being vegetarian. A healthy veg diet makes a healthy person just as a healthy standard diet makes a healthy person. Same goes both ways for po... Read More »