How does being a vegetarian affect pregnancy?

Answer It doesn't. I'm a vegetarian and my pregnancy has been going great! I eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and for added protein in addition to the proteins I already eat, I drink ensure once a ... Read More »

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Has anyone gone from vegetarian/vegan to omnivore What were your reasons and how did it affect your health?

Yes i did & cause of health reasons, despite me doing a vegan diet correctly and eating a varied diet it wasn't making me feel healthy. So i reverted back over time & now feel much better. Besides ... Read More »

Are Well Planned Vegetarian Diets Contraindicated During Pregnancy?

On One Hand: Certain Nutrients Especially ImportantThe American Dietetic Association notes that protein, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, zinc, iodine, calcium, and vitamins D and B-12 are especially cru... Read More »

How do hot tubs affect pregnancy?

Answer Hot tubs are a no-no during pregnancy. The hot tub will raise your internal temperature, and the baby has no way to deal with the heat, the heat can cause birth defects, and even miscarriage... Read More »

Does having braces during pregnancy affect you in any way?