How does baby get oxygen during pregnancy?

Answer by the placenta. that's why smoking is bad for a baby because the CO2 also goes to the babythrough the falopian tube

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Does it help the baby if you have sex during pregnancy?

Up until the very end of pregnancy, sex will not hurt the baby. In fact, the physiological benefits of a healthy sex life for the mother are well documented. So go ahead, have fun, it will not hurt... Read More »

Does drinking honey affect the baby during pregnancy?

Answer No. An adult can ingest honey because there body can handle any bacteria left in the honey. A child under should not eat honey because there digestive system is to immature to handle it. Ho... Read More »

Does drinking tea affect the complexion of baby during pregnancy?

I have never heard this, but you should not drink tea unless it is decaf. Tea naturally contains high contents of caffeine. Caffeine constricts the blood vessels in your body, which in turn restric... Read More »

Does detox cleansers harm the baby during pregnancy?

This may take up to two months. Once this drug is in the system it effects the baby the same way it effects you. The drug will leave the system the same time it would take t o leave yours.