How does auto waiver of subrogation work?

Answer Waivers of subrogation work in the same fashion no matter the line of insurance.A waiver of subrogation is one party agreeing who has had risk transfered to it (usually an insurance company) agreei... Read More »

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Waiver of Subrogation?

what is waiver of subrogation

What Is Insurance Waiver of Subrogation?

Subrogation is a transfer of the right to pursue recovery from a third party for damages. In insurance, this right is typically transferred from you to your insurance company by contractual languag... Read More »

What does subrogation mean in the auto insurance business?

When an insurance company pays a not-at-fault claim for their insured, their policy language may allow them to stand in the place of the insured and pursue recovery through a process known as subro... Read More »

How does auto rental reimbursement work on an auto insurance policy?

Being without a car after an accident is an inconvenience. As part of an auto insurance policy, a driver can have rental reimbursement coverage.PurposeRental reimbursement pays for the policy holde... Read More »