How does an unna boot work?

Answer Doctors may treat a venous ulcer, or open sore on the lower leg, with an Unna boot. A venous ulcer may be caused by insufficient blood circulation in the legs. Unna boots help promote healing of le... Read More »

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What does D or EE mean on work boot sizes?

D and EE represent width sizes on boots. Sizes range from AAA, the narrowest, to EEE, the widest. Size D is considered medium for men, while size B is medium for women. EE represents a very wide sh... Read More »

Who makes the best work boot?

On One Hand: Red Wing BootsAccording to Galttech, Red Wing Boots are the best work boots. They are comfortable and durable. Red Wing Boots are also well-made. The brand is a favorite with contracto... Read More »

What is the steel shank in a work boot?

A boot built with a steel shank has a thin piece of steel built in between the insole--the part that touches the foot, and the outsole--the part of the boot that touches the ground. It is shaped as... Read More »

How do I make a USB keyboard work at pre-boot?

Enter Computer BIOSConnect a PS2 keyboard to your computer. Restart the computer. Rapidly tab the "Delete" key on your PS2 keyboard while the computer is booting up to enter the BIOS. Press the "F1... Read More »