How does an orientation sensor in a camera work?

Answer Orientation sensorThis allows the camera to know if you are taking a vertical/portrait or horizontal/landscape photo and automatically rotate the photo accordingly so that you don't have to do it m... Read More »

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What is Orientation sensor in digital photography?

The camera figures out that you've rotated it 90 degrees to take a vertical shot (portrait orientation). When you review the image, it remains vertical on the viewing screen even though you are now... Read More »

My screen's orientation is sideways instead of top to bottom. How do I change it back to normal orientation?

Click and hold down both the ALT and CTRL keys at the same time, then use the "ARROW" keypad to rotate the screen.

How Does an O2 Sensor Work?

Though similar in use, rubbing compound and polishing compound are not interchangeable. Each is used to correct different car finish problems. Car owners should understand these differences to make... Read More »

How Does a Car Backup Sensor Work?

Technology has gotten mankind to a point where even reversing accidents will become a thing of the past. Reverse sensors are able to warn if the driver is approaching an obstacle too closely.