How does an orange blossom produces seeds?

Answer Answer it gets pollinated and grows an orange with seeds in it

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How do I get my orange tree to blossom?

FertilizerFertilize your tree with a high-quality citrus fertilizer. This fertilizer will contain the specific nutrients to help your tree grow healthy.Grass and DiseaseRemove the grass that may gr... Read More »

How to Make Orange Blossom Perfume?

How to Make Orange Blossom Perfume. If you are lucky enough to live in an area where oranges grow, you are familiar with the refreshing and beautiful aroma that fills the air when orange trees blos... Read More »

Japanese Orange Blossom Trees?

Japanese mock orange (Pittosporum tobira) is an evergreen member of the Pittosporum family that may grow as a small tree or large shrub. The plant is characterized by waxy, fragrant white flowers a... Read More »

How to Make Orange Blossom Sugar?

Flavoured sugars are always delightful and this orange blossom version is no exception. Orange blossom sugar is made from real flowers, so you'll need to have access to fresh orange blossoms from a... Read More »