How does an optical mouse work?

Answer An optical mouse uses a light-emitting diode and photodiodes to detect the movement of the underlying surface, rather than moving some of its parts as in a mechanical mouse.Early optical mice, circ... Read More »

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Will an optical wireless mouse work in DOS?

According to the Best of Media Group a wireless mouse can work in a DOS application with a little tweaking. The problem of it not working stems from the "quick-edit" mode. By turning this mode off,... Read More »

My microsoft optical mouse right-click won't work. Any suggestions?

start Control panel.printers and other hardware, then mouse, you can then see if its working

Why doesn't an optical mouse work on a glass table?

Optical mice use an LED and a camera to rapidly capture images of the surface beneath the mouse. The infomation from the camera is analyzed by a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and used to detect i... Read More »

Does Kensington Ci60 optical wireless mouse work with a laptop?

The Kensington Ci60 optical wireless mouse is compatible with PC and Mac laptops, provided there is a free USB port for the device's RF dongle. Internet access is necessary to obtain the latest dri... Read More »