How does an oil cooler work?

Answer Oil coolers reduce the temperature of oil and other fluids in your engine, ensuring proper function. Oil coolers can make use of air or coolants like those found in a radiator.DescriptionAn oil coo... Read More »

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Will AM3+ CPU Work With AM3 Socket Cooler?

yes it should as they are backwards compatible, i think... to avoid any confusion i would get the hyper 212 evo or hyper 212+ (evo is better) they are very good cpu coolers for the same sort of pri... Read More »

Will this cpu cooler work on this motherboard?

Yes, they will. Make sure you remove all the thermal paste (very important) and apply a nice new thin layer. Too much will cause over heating. They are many youtube videos on how to do it. Just you... Read More »

How do I work a swamp cooler?

Perform Some Basic MaintenancePerform a few quick checks before starting your swamp cooler for the season. Remove the panels and clean any debris from the unit. Check the fan belt. If it sags more ... Read More »

How does a 12 Volt Cooler work?

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