Does the New England Aquarium have an octopus exhibit?

Answer According to its website, the New England Aquarium does house a giant pacific octopus in its collection. Opened in 1969, the aquarium features hundreds of marine creatures and welcomes over 1.3 mil... Read More »

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Does a baby breathe in the womb?

A fetus does not breathe in the womb. Instead, its mother provides oxygen to it through the umbilical cord. Babies take their first breaths right after they are born, when their lungs begin to work... Read More »

Does a child in the womb breathe?

No; the fetus gets its oxygen from the mother, via the umbilical cord.

How does a hermit crab breathe?

Hermit crabs are small, intelligent and relatively social. These aspects, and their adaptability, have made them popular as pets in home aquariums.TypesHermit crabs come in two basic types: land he... Read More »

What does cactus use to breathe?

Cactii breathe through pores in their skin called stomates. These are generally closed during the heat of day to retain moisture and opened during the night to allow respiration to occur.