How does an ipod pick a random song?

Answer You can press shuffle. The iPod goes through each song and shuffles them up like a bunch of cards. Then like in cards, it picks one.

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How to Make Up a Random Song?

Random songs are easy and simple to make. Just say the things you are thinking in your head and make it up into a song.. For an example your title is called "dog" just put it into a song like this.... Read More »

How to Create a Cool but Random Song?

So, you've got your band, your voice and your instruments, right? But you need to have something that makes you stand out of the crowd - something different. You could dress up as monsters or do da... Read More »

My iPod jumps to random songs..?

go to the main menu then click settings then click shuffle and change it too none,

How much more does the ipod weigh for each song?

Downloading a song into an idpod does not make it weigh any more.The song is written into the memory. And computer memory is only a change in the magnetic charge of a small memory byte. The memor... Read More »