How does an ionic compound dissolve in water?

Answer Many ionic compounds, such as salts and minerals, dissolve in water. This process occurs because the water molecules break the chemical bonds in the compound.IdentificationAn ionic compound is a su... Read More »

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Is water an ionic compound?

Ionic compounds, such as sodium chloride or calcium chloride, are made up of nonmetal and metal elements that have different charges. The compounds have hard yet brittle textures and dissolve in wa... Read More »

Is zinc chloride an ionic compound or a molecular compound?

Zinc chloride constitutes an ionic compound because it contains both a metal, zinc ion, and a nonmetal, chloride ion. Molecular compounds, also known as “covalent compounds,” contain only nonme... Read More »

What Is a Cul Ionic Compound?

CuI is the elemental symbol abbreviation for the ionic chemical compound copper (I) iodide, also known as cuprous iodide. CuI is a solid formed from a mixture of the metallic element copper and the... Read More »

Is hydrogen chloride an ionic compound?

Hydrogen chloride (HCl) is a covalent compound, not an ionic compound, as the electrons between the hydrogen atom and the chlorine atom are shared rather than transferred, though unequally resultin... Read More »