How does an intercooler turbo work?

Answer Turbochargers are great at enhancing the power of internal combustion engines, but they do have one very basic problem--unintentional fuel pre-ignition. Intercoolers are designed to address this se... Read More »

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How Does a Turbo Charger Work?

Alternators help power a vehicle's electric system when the engine is running. The alternator also charges the battery, so it plays an integral role in your Nissan. If you don't have the money to p... Read More »

How does a turbo diesel work?

Diesel engines are among one of the oldest internal combustion engines on the planet, and are renowned for their pulling power and efficiency. Turbochargers take all of the best things about a trad... Read More »

How Does Twin Turbo Work?

Turbochargers are used to shove more air into the engine than it would able to ingest on its own. Twin turbo setups are most often used to provide the power increase of forced induction without dra... Read More »

Will a diesel turbo work on a gas engine?

If you put diesel turbo in a gas engine the engine will run poorly or stop running. This will result in having to drain the engine and clear the fuel lines.References:The Straight Dope: Can I use d... Read More »