How does an egg get salmonella contamination?

Answer The main type of Salmonella that infects eggs is Salmonella Enteritidis, sometimes abbreviated as SE. Eggs can become contaminated in two ways: Surface contamination of the outside of the shell. Sa... Read More »

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Is Beneful dog food safe from salmonella contamination?

On One Hand: No Beneful RecallsDue to the massive 2006-2008 pet food recall involving salmonella risks, as well as the recent Nature Variety pet food recall also because of salmonella, many are con... Read More »

What is melamine contamination?

Melamine is a compound used to make plastics. Though long thought non-toxic, melamine found its way into pet food and baby formula from China, killing pets and making babies quite sick.Significance... Read More »

Types of Hydraulic Oil Contamination?

As closed systems, most hydraulic systems' mechanical action occurs internally---the parts cannot be removed and repaired individually. Hydraulic fluid keeps these system running smoothly, unless i... Read More »

What can we do to prevent contamination on food?

Food contamination can happen in a variety of ways. Often, contamination is caused by poor storage or handling of food and poor personal or utensil hygiene. Foodborne illness can cause serious inte... Read More »