How does an earthworm regenerate?

Answer If you can an earthworm in half, you might think you'll soon have two on your hands thanks to regeneration, but only some earthworms have the ability to regrow their parts, and even those won't dou... Read More »

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What section of the earthworm can regenerate?

An earthworm can only regenerate the posterior portion of its body. If an earthworm loses part of the lower third of its body, it can regrow those parts. If the earthworm is cut closer to the head,... Read More »

How Does Skin Regenerate?

Becoming a home inspector can be complicated without the right information. Although no national home inspector licensing agency exists in the United States, some states require that students meet ... Read More »

Does milky spore regenerate?

Milky spore attacks the grubs of Japanese beetles in lawns, around fruit trees and in flower gardens. Only one application of milky spore powder is necessary because it will continue to multiply as... Read More »

How Does Privet Hedge Regenerate?

Privet is a vigorous, fast-growing shrub that regenerates by means of seeds, cuttings or root extensions. An overgrown, sparse privet will fill out with regular aggressive pruning. Mature privets a... Read More »