How does an autoclave work?

Answer Autoclaving is a process that uses "wet heat" to sterilize items. This process is most often used in health care settings, but can also be used in large-scale industrial settings, such as large rec... Read More »

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How to Use an Autoclave for Manicurists?

Autoclaves are excellent for sterilizing tools. They are very useful for manicurists who need to sterilize their equipment quickly and easily. Autoclaves are more effective at killing microbes an... Read More »

How to Calibrate an Autoclave?

Medical equipment is commonly sterilized in autoclaves. They are also used in microbiology laboratories. Autoclaves are available in many sizes. The smallest is a stovetop pressure cooker. Countert... Read More »

Autoclave Picture and Its Uses?

An autoclave is a pressurized, steam-heated container. The temperature and pressure that an autoclave achieves can cause chemical reactions and kill microorganisms. Manufacturing concrete blocks an... Read More »

What is an autoclave machine?

The modern autoclave destroys germs on dental and medical tools through high temperature sterilization, but the device was originally conceived by a French medical doctor Denis Papin in 1681 to to ... Read More »