How does an autoclave work?

Answer Autoclaving is a process that uses "wet heat" to sterilize items. This process is most often used in health care settings, but can also be used in large-scale industrial settings, such as large rec... Read More »

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How to Use an Autoclave for Manicurists?

Autoclaves are excellent for sterilizing tools. They are very useful for manicurists who need to sterilize their equipment quickly and easily. Autoclaves are more effective at killing microbes an... Read More »

Can you autoclave a tattoo gun?

According to TattooJoy, an autoclave is the best piece of equipment to use when sterilizing a tattoo gun, or any tattoo equipment. Sterilizing with an autoclave ensures the elimination of all livi... Read More »

Autoclave Protocols?

An autoclave is a piece of equipment used in biochemical laboratories to sterilize contaminated material, such as bio-hazardous waste, surgical dressings and glassware. It uses steam at high pressu... Read More »

Who invented the autoclave?

Charles Chamberlain invented the autoclave in 1879, although Denis Papin created a precursor to the autoclave, known as the "Steam Digester" in 1679. The autoclave is used to sterilize medical inst... Read More »