How does an aunt get custody of her nephew in another state in foster care?

Answer You would need to file a child in need of care motion in that state. But, living out of state could limit your chances.

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How do you get custody of your nephew in Colorado foster care?

To get full custody of your nephew , you must have very , very good reasons to take him from his rightful parents. You must prove beyound doubt that both his biological parents are not fit to look ... Read More »

How does an aunt get custody of her nephew if he is in danger?

%REPLIES% Answer contact child protective services in you county. Answer In most states, the 'danger' would need to be established by appropriate authorities. Until then, the aunt would be seen- by... Read More »

If your aunt has temporary custody of your nephew and it isn't a good environment do you as the next of kin to him have any rights?

How do you get guardianship of your nephew in foster care?

You need to file a Child In Need Of Care motion with the family court. Have a complete parenting plan ready, and how you plan to address any problems with the parent the child was taken from.