How does an aunt get custody of her nephew if he is in danger?

Answer %REPLIES% Answer contact child protective services in you county. Answer In most states, the 'danger' would need to be established by appropriate authorities. Until then, the aunt would be seen- by... Read More »

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How does an aunt get custody of her nephew in another state in foster care?

You would need to file a child in need of care motion in that state. But, living out of state could limit your chances.

If your aunt has temporary custody of your nephew and it isn't a good environment do you as the next of kin to him have any rights?

Is there any possibility of you getting primary custody of your ex-husband's nephew if you've both had legal custody of the child since he was 2 days old and the nephew's mother is in prison?

Answer You will need a good lawyer for this and you will have to prove he's an unfit guardian or father. The courts favor leaving the child with their biological parents(s) if possible. If you're... Read More »

What relation would a nephew be to his great aunt's son?

Your great aunt's son is a first cousin to one of your parents, and is your "first cousin once removed."