How does an VGA to RCA cable work?

Answer A VGA to RCA cable does not really work unless your camera outputs RGB (and not YPbPr).In addition, on your PC, VGA is OUTPUT and connecting two outputs never works either.Camera out to PC monitor ... Read More »

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Does a rca to vga cable work?

No. These cable adapters are just a complete scam. The only reason the sellers get a way with it is because there are some (very rare) devices which can output an RCA composite signal using a VGA p... Read More »

How Does a Booster Cable Work?

Words with multiple meanings use context clues within sentences to reveal the correct meaning. Younger students often rely on pictures to figure out the correct word meaning. In third and fourth gr... Read More »

Does a HDMI cable work on a non HD tv for PS3?

No. Only HDTVs have the HDMI cable inputs. But PlayStation 3 can be used as a Blu-Ray player since they can play Blu-Ray discs

Does Pinnacle TV work with cable?

Pinnacle TV works with cable programming, but only that which is unencrypted. The device allows for viewing of over-the-air digital TV signals, as well as unencrypted digital cable. Some cable prov... Read More »