How does an SR-22 insurance filing work?

Answer Drivers convicted of certain violations may need an SR-22 filing to reinstate or maintain their driving privileges. Although the SR-22 filing process seems confusing, it is fairly simple.What Is an... Read More »

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If you have affordable auto insurance before filing bankruptcy based on good credit do you have to tell the insurance company you filed?

Answer BK will not affect any insurance policies that are already in effect.

What do you do if a dentist charges you an 'insurance filing fee' but your dental insurance contract says they can't?

%REPLIES% Answer Show the dentist in your contract where it says they can't. If it solves it, great. If not, you need to call and talk to your insurance and see what they say for you to do. You ... Read More »

Will filing bankruptcy affect your car insurance?

Answer I have file for Chapter 7 twice and it has had no effect on my car insurance.

What is the average cost of filing an insurance claim?

An insurance claim itself costs nothing to file beyond the deductible you selected when you signed your policy. If you were at fault, however, the rate you pay may increase by any amount up to 100 ... Read More »