How does alcohol&drug abuse affect the workplace?

Answer Alcohol and drug abuse by employees, whether or not the abuse actually occurs in the workplace, poses major potential problems for companies of all sizes, in all industries. Employee abuse can nega... Read More »

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How Does Synergy Affect the Workplace?

Buckminster Fuller invented the word "synergy" by combining the words synthesis and energy. It indicates a combination of assets that end up being greater than the sum of their individual parts. In... Read More »

How Does Favoritism in the Workplace Affect Other Employees?

Employees might be professional, qualified and experienced, but they're still human and still susceptible to emotions better left outside the workplace. Jealousy, anger, fear, sullenness and worry ... Read More »

Who does child abuse affect?

Child abuse affects everyone that the child comes in contact with. People will usually notice changes in behavior if a child has been abused lately, and there is always change, no matter how visibl... Read More »

How does child abuse AFFECT the Community?

It does because we us the people see it dont do nothing about it.and wel l more than 2,000 kids die in one year.WE HAVE TO PUT IT STOP IN CHILD ABUSE!!!THE MAJIR SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!HELP O... Read More »