How does adding more ram help a computer?

Answer On average, doubling the amount of memory in your system will give you ample "space" to work and make an obvious difference in overall speed, especially with today's memory-hungry applications, suc... Read More »

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Does adding more desktop icons slow down your computer on start-up?

Desktop icons do not slow down your computer. Items added to your system tray, or to the startup group in your start menu under programs, slow down your computer. Any program you install that ru... Read More »

Will adding RAM increase the life of my computer for 2 more years?

RAM increases the ammount of action a PC can take, not it's speed, (that's processor), but even if you maxed out your RAM on your OS, you're only increasing one part of it; so you'd get 2 months if... Read More »

Will adding more RAM to my computer erase the RAM that has already been installed?

Random access memory is just temporary memory. Anything in it is wiped out every time you turn off your computer.

Does adding more memory improve a laptop's speed?

On One Hand: RAM Increases SpeedAdding more RAM to your laptop increases speed. RAM is the short-term memory of your computer. When you open and operate applications on your laptop, temporary data ... Read More »