How does a woman's stomach looks at one month in pregnancy?

Answer it looks the same as it looked a month ago. it may feel different, but unless you are carrying triplets, no different.

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How does your stomach have to feel in 1 month of pregnancy?

At one month of pregnancy, you stomach does not usually feel any different. For some people it starts to look different around 12 weeks pregnant, others not until 4 months pregnant, others never! T... Read More »

Can your stomach be almost flat during your pregnancy until the forth month along?

Answer Depending on your size and body shape before you got pregnant, it is a possibility. If you were thin before, you should start to show any day now. If you were a bigger woman, like myself, i... Read More »

What does it mean to have sharp pains in your stomach while you're in your first month of pregnancy?

Answer It is the ligaments and uterus stretching and growing. Very normal...kinda like period pains

What is the most children had in a womans stomach at once?

First, babies are not found in a woman's stomach. Babies grow in a woman's womb. The official record for the most babies in a pregnancy was set in 1971, when an Italian woman on fertility treatmen... Read More »