How long does it take for a woman to become pregnant?

Answer According to, a woman becomes pregnant once her partner's sperm joins her egg, which is called fertilization. After this takes place, the protein coating covering the egg is altered so th... Read More »

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How many days can a woman become pregnant?

Each woman's cycle dictates a different fertility schedule. There are times during her cycle when a woman is most fertile and can become pregnant, usually lasting from seven to 10 days.Regular Cycl... Read More »

Should it be illegal for an obese woman to become pregnant?

"Just as clinicians have been encouraged to counsel women who are pregnant or may become pregnant about folic acid, smoking cessation, and avoidance of [alcohol], [we] recommend that clinicians cou... Read More »

Can woman become pregnant if sperm didnt enter her body?

If sperm has not entered the womans body then sperm will not come in contact with the egg so no you will not get pregnant.

At what time in the menstrual cycle can a woman become pregnant?

Ovulation is the releasing of the egg from the ovaries to prepare a woman's body for fertilization. A woman is most fertile in the days leading up to and during ovulation. Ovulation occurs during t... Read More »