How does a wireless mouse work?

Answer Old style ones ran off infrared beams. Because that was inconvenient (had to line up with the reciever), newer mice use radio waves, which a reciever plugged into the mouse port picks up.

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Does a Mac wireless mouse work with a PC?

The Apple Magic Mouse works on Windows computers. Apple created Windows drivers for the Magic Mouse to use with the Mac "Boot Camp" application, which allows Windows to dual-boot with Mac OS on Mac... Read More »

Will an optical wireless mouse work in DOS?

According to the Best of Media Group a wireless mouse can work in a DOS application with a little tweaking. The problem of it not working stems from the "quick-edit" mode. By turning this mode off,... Read More »

Why wont my wireless mouse work?

Device drivers can do really weird things.1 ) Unplug the USB receiver from the laptop2 ) Go to your Control Panel > Device Manager > Mice & Other Pointing Devices3 ) Remove everything except the dr... Read More »

Why wont my wireless mouse work on my desktop?

It's call driver software! It needs to be installed for the Bluetooth!