How does a wind instrument produce sound?

Answer Any sound is produced by a vibration. Wind instruments produce sound when air from the musician is blown into the instrument. These vibrations change pitch based on the length of the instrument.S... Read More »

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How do wind instruments produce sound?

Wind instruments produce sound when air is blown into them, creating vibrations via a reed or the player's lips against the mouthpiece.BackgroundOrchestral wind instruments are commonly known as "w... Read More »

Is a euphonium a wind instrument?

Euphoniums are members of the wind family of musical instruments and, even more specifically, euphoniums are brass instruments. Brass instruments are those like trumpets, baritones and tubas that h... Read More »

What is an electric wind instrument?

The electric wind instrument puts a synthesizer into the body of a musical instrument that mimics the feel of a soprano saxophone. It has a much wider tonal and pitch range than a regular saxophone... Read More »

How does a wind instrument work?

Wind instruments are a part of many types of music. Different types of wind instruments, such as flutes and clarinets, all use the musician's "wind," or breathing, to create the notes. Wind instrum... Read More »