Was there water in the tower on petticoat junction?

Answer The tower mock-up had water added whenever there was a scene with the train, but it was not maintained to permanently hold a large volume. The tower seen in the distant shots is the actual tower at... Read More »

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Thomas the Tank Water Tower Steam Set Instructions?

The Thomas the Tank Water Tower Steam Set comes with a real working water tower that Thomas can fill up at when he runs out of steam. The set is safe for children as young as 3 years old, though pu... Read More »

Where is the Water Tower Place Condominiums in Chicago IL?

Google search results indicate that the property is located at 180 East Pearson StreetChicago, IL 60611-2130.

What is water weight How does losing water weight work?

water weight is stuff like your sweat and spit. if you lose this weight you would just gain it right back, which isn't a bad thing. Also the human body is composed of a lot of water so losing it wo... Read More »

Help me out here i got a HP Tower and a Dell set i need to get them to work?

So this was going on BEFORE you replaced the hard drive or SINCE you replaced it or both?Could be a heat problem.When it tries to start up, does the fan on the heatsink come on?Are the heatsink fin... Read More »