How does a vagina stretch for birth?

Answer just like any other skin but i haven't personally experienced this but I hear that there is something they can cut allowing more room down there for the baby to come out

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How big does vagina stretch while giving birth?

It stretches to fit the child's head through, once its head is through the rest of its body fits easily.

Does it hurt a girl to stretch her vagina?

The vagina is a very flexible piece of equipment and can be stretched quite a long way before it becomes pain full. After all they are designed to allow a baby through without breaking.

Do you have to shave your vagina before birth?

Ofcourse not! Most Doctors don't have a preference about shaved or unshaved, however it makes their job easier if the area is clean! If you get a really picky Dr. they will order a nurse to shave y... Read More »

How did vaginal child birth effect your vagina?

I tore and it was very sore after. I couldn' have sex at 6 wks post-pardum because it was SO sore. I went to my OBGYN at 4 months post-pardum and found out that it was a sore/strained internal musc... Read More »