How does a vacuum cleaner simulate a tornado How is it like a real tornado?

Answer A Vacuum Cleaner is similar to a tornado because a vacuum cleaner sucks things up as does a tornado. Some people might say a tornado is God's vacuum cleaner.

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What does the eye of a tornado look like?

Inside a tornado, air moves in a counterclockwise direction and continually changes velocity, according to the Argonne National Laboratory. Sometimes tornado eyes can have a brighter and calmer app... Read More »

How to Make a Remote Control Car Toy Spin Like a Tornado?

In this wikiHow we show you how to make your remote control car spin.Generally, there are two types of remote controls: infrared (IR), and radio frequency (RF). Infrared remote controls work by sen... Read More »

Does a tornado have an eye?

The center of a tornado is called the "eye." In many cases, the eye of a tornado is calm, lacking the high, strong, rotating winds that are consistent with a tornado. However, no studies yet have d... Read More »

Why does your 91 corvette run bad and sounds like a vacuum cleaner sucking too much air at the throttle body to the hose to the air cleaner?

Answer Look at 2 things. Replace the air filter ASAP. Check to make sure the air intake before the filter is not clogged. Also check the exhaust system and see if you have a bent pipe somewhere. A... Read More »