How does a uhf remote control work?

Answer Looks like you can use a daewoo/Hitachi

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How does a remote control toy car work?

The remote control is made out of an electronic circuit and it is electrically connected to another electronic circuit in the car.

How does remote control in TV work?

In earlier days, remote controls wre based on ultrasonics (sound frequency above the audible range of frequencies). The controlling circuitry included a hand held transmitter 9that transmits ultras... Read More »

I spilled coffee on the remote control now it does not work how can i fix it.?

Carefully take it apart, wash it in warm water - and if necessary lightly agitate with a toothbrush. Dry what you can with some absorbent kitchen roll and then carefully dry the remainder of the mo... Read More »

Why does the input button not work on my rca450 remote control?

you actually cannot just place it in a room because the back of the unit blows out hot air produces from the machine itself. Also water builds up in the unit and the fan blade cause it to spit out ... Read More »